Atlas Orion S35 2x Anamorphic Prime PL 6-Lens Set

Available for Rent in New York City!


Orion Series lenses combine the aesthetic of vintage anamorphic lenses with modern convenience, adaptability, and dependability. Orion Series 2X anamorphic prime lenses are built to be a universal filmmaking tool — perfect for the latest professional film and digital cinema cameras with native PL mount. Focal Lengths: 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm.

Orion Series lenses are convenient, adaptable, dependable, and ergonomic, with the best of both vintage and modern features. Orion Series lenses are readily and easily compatible with all mirrorless video / stills hybrid cameras via any PL to mirrorless camera adapter.

Whether your project requires you to shoot digital or film, the Orion Series offer the coverage you need with a 24.89mmx18.66mm imaging area and easily covers full frame formats edge-to-edge with the Atlas LF Extender.

Focus has a deep 270° travel rotation

Cine pitch 0.8 mod gearing on both iris and focus ring allow for simultaneous drive control, even when two motors are mounted on the same side of the lens

Atlas 1.4x Expander & Atlas 1.6x Extender: