Kessler Crane Ascending Works Riser Rig and KillShock Inversion Kit

Available for Rent in New York City!



Keep weight down and rigging options open with the Ascending Works Riser Rig, a lightweight 6061 airspace aluminium riser to pair with your Ray Rig Pro.

The Riser Rig allows you to rise your Ray Rig Pro to 3 different upright heights as well as doing underslung mode (with the KillShock Inversion Kit installed) which will allow the camera package to be as low as safely possible.  The Riser Rig is made strong with gussets placed all around the rig but we do recommend using tie-down straps to the back of your vehicle when using the top height position to reduce any unnecessary bumps.

Kit Includes:

  • Ascending Works Riser Rig
  • Anti-Vibration Plate
  • Hitch Pin
  • KillShock Inversion Mounting Kit

NOTE: Riser Rig will not be compatible with vehicles equipped with a recessed hitch mount