Kessler Crane Ray Rig Pro & KillShock EZ Mounting Kit

Available in New York City!



The Ray Rig Pro is by far the easiest, all-in-one car rigging bundle to get you up and running, and ready to capture your next moving vehicle shoot.

Kessler Crane teamed up with Ascending Works to offer this exclusive bundle that includes virtually everything you need to quickly mount your gimbal rig to our KillShock isolator plate, and the entire setup all fastened to the rock-solid, no-fuss Ray Rig hitch mount.


This kit includes:

    • Kessler KillShock
    • Kessler Red Shock Modules (pre-installed)
    • Kessler Universal Cheeseplate
    • Kessler Shock Module Bundle Pack (8 blue and 8 black shock modules included for fine-tuning your rig)
    • Kessler Mitchell Boss and Castle Nut fastener
    • Ascending Works Ray Rig Pro
    • Ascending Works Castle Nut Wrench
    • Ascending Works Extra Bits Kit (includes 5/8 Hitch Pin, a Safety Bolt, and Anti-Rattle Hitch Stabilizer Hardware)
    • Ascending Works Ray Rig Pro Cheeseplate (for mounting accessories)