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Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 PL Mount Lens

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Canon ZSD-300D Digital Zoom Servo Demand

The Canon ZSD-300D is a digital zoom servo demand for canon lens controller kits. The controller provides precision zoom capability in a handlebar style controller and is useful in a variety of professional broadcast applications, including live event coverage and sports.

Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm Super 35 PL Mount Cinema Lens

The Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm Super 35 PL Mount Cinema Lens the 15 to 40mm EZ-2 zoom lens with both the Super35 and FF/VistaVision rear lens-groups. The lens is fast, T2.0 in Super35 and T3.0 in full-frame/VistaVision. Swapping between the rear lens groups doesn’t affect the physical length of the lens, minimum focus distance, or 2.7x zoom ratio. However,…

Angenieux Optimo Prime Glimmer Glass 1/8 Internal Filter

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Anton Bauer Titon 90 SL V-Mount Battery

The Anton Bauer Titon SL 90 V-mount  Lithium-Ion Battery provides the reliable power of a Titon 90 in a slim, lightweight form. Perfect for run-and-gun work, sports, and live streaming, this compact battery powers your V-mount camera, light, and/or accessories without weighing you down. An LCD screen displays the remaining battery time down to the minute and includes…

Anton/Bauer Dionic XT 150Wh Gold-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery

The Dionic XT Battery from Anton/Bauer is a Gold-mount lithium-ion battery that supports a capacity of 156Wh. It has a 12A constant current capability and is designed to power 14.4V cameras and LED fixtures. This battery comes equipped with a multi-mode backlit display (with touch switch for backlight activation and mode selection) as well as a USB and a…

Anton/Bauer Dionic XT90 Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery

Use the Anton Bauer Dionic XT90 Gold Mount Battery to power your Gold mount camera or other pro video gear. The lightweight lithium-ion chemistry can provide up to 12 amps of current on a continuous draw and support peaks of up to 20 amps for two seconds. At the side of the chassis, a backlit…

Aputure Light Dome 150 Softbox

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Aputure Light Storm LS300X LED Light

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Aputure LS 1200d Pro LED Light

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Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit with Charging Case

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ARRI ALEXA 35 4K Super 35 PL/LPL Camera

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ARRI Audio Extension Module AEM-1 for ALEXA 35

The Audio Extension Module AEM-1 provides two incredibly clean microphone preamp channels for onboard audio recording, as well as extra power outputs. The AEM-1 mounts directly to the rear of the camera as an integrated electronic module. Selectable features include MIC/LINE input, 48V Phantom power, phase reversal, adjustable low-cut filter, gain and limiter. The AEM-1 also features…

Arri Hi-5 FIZ System

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ARRI LPL Lens Mount for ALEXA Mini / AMIRA

The ARRI LPL Lens Mount enables you to attach an LPL-mount lens to an ARRI ALEXA Mini or AMIRA camera. Compatible with the ARRI large-format Signature Primes and future LPL-mount lenses, this mount transmits ARRI LDS-1, LDS-2, and Cooke /i Technology lens data from compatible lenses. The LPL lens mount features a wider diameter and requires a…

ARRI Signature Prime 12mm T1.8 LPL Lens

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